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SUMMIT Facilitators

Our SUMMIT Facilitators are the core of the SUMMIT Experience. As a Facilitator, you will have the opportunity to learn curriculum, stretch your minds through building session content, and lead participants through facilitating captivating curriculum in a 45-minute session.
Through the guidance of the Coordinator, Facilitators will be equipped to lead sessions during the one day, immersive conference. Once hired, Facilitators will be grouped into pairs. Each pair of Facilitators will be responsible for leading a session during the conference. Facilitators will be responsible for attending set meetings with the Coordinator, building curriculum for their session, attending all other preparatory meetings leading up to SUMMIT, and successfully facilitating their session the day of the conference.

SUMMIT Facilitator

Preferred qualifications:

  • Junior or Senior class standing
  • Experience in facilitating in front of large or small groups
  • Held a previous leadership role
  • In good standing with the University
  • Resume builder
  • Networking opportunities
  • Facilitation opportunities (build public speaking skills)
  • Mentor emerging leaders
  • Gain individual leadership development and confidence
  • Ability to log service hours that count towards eligibility to receive a Cord from the Student Volunteer Center

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