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Identity. Relationships. Skills.
SUMMIT is a leadership coaching program that centers around helping students reach their leadership peak – their optimal level of leadership – which will be achieved through engaging in 3 different tracks: Identity, Relationships, and Skills. Students will learn and apply content related to each track with the guidance of their Coach.
The program consists of 8 sessions, where you will receive individualized coaching in a group setting. The goal is for everyone to have significant, life-changing experiences by the time they have completed SUMMIT. This is a new program, so by participating, you will have the opportunity to provide insight and help us lay a strong foundation for future Cowboys. Contact our Coordinator for Leadership Programs for more information.

Leadership Development Series

The Leadership Development Series at OSU will empower students to recognize leadership in a variety of situations and experiences. 
Through diverse seminars and workshops, students will develop an enhanced sense of personal and social responsibility to become involved in the community. Through this experience, students will learn skills and values that will enhance their perspectives on becoming authentic leaders while learning the importance of serving others. By engaging with individuals from around the world, students will broaden their perspectives and emerge as agents of change.


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