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The Fundamental Four
Oklahoma State University's Hargis Leadership Institute has partnered with the Center for Creative Leadership to host the internationally accredited leadership development program, "Lead4Success". L4S is a robust 16-hour leadership development training that features hands-on, real-world application of four fundamental skills to current leadership challenges. “The Fundamental Four” consists of Self-Awareness, Learning Agility, Influence and Communication. Participants immerse themselves in leadership development through adapting these skills to their individual contexts.
Benefits of this training include certification by both the Center of Creative Leadership and OSU, a CCL LinkedIn badge that portrays completion of the program, the opportunity to elevate your involvement through becoming a certified L4S Facilitator and recognition at the annual President's Celebration of Leadership.
Spring 2024 L4S will include a premier dinner on February 29th. The program will be on March 2nd and 3rd. Spring 2024 applications are now closed. Fall 2024 dates coming soon. 


Identity. Relationships. Skills.
SUMMIT is a leadership advancement conference hosted by the Hargis Leadership Institute and Camp Cowboy, geared to help students of all backgrounds and leadership expertise evolve in their leadership capacities. The purpose of the conference is to build emerging leaders and exemplify to students that everyone is capable of engaging in leadership, and that you don't have to have a title or high rank to be a leader. SUMMIT is led by a team of upperclassmen student facilitators who undergo training and advisement from the Coordinator of Leadership Programs and Camp Cowboy Coordinator. The two departments have merged to form this conference to offer a meaningful, immersive opportunity to incoming freshmen, as well as other enrolled students at OSU.
SUMMIT is FREE and accessible to all students. It is the perfect opportunity for individuals wanting to grow their personal leadership development, student organizations who want to engage in team builders, or exec teams who want to gain leadership skills/tools to grow their organization.
Please contact us at if you require additional information.
SUMMIT coming Spring 2024!
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Leadership Development Series

The Leadership Development Series at OSU will empower students to recognize leadership in a variety of situations and experiences. 
Through diverse seminars and workshops, students will develop an enhanced sense of personal and social responsibility to become involved in the community. Through this experience, students will learn skills and values that will enhance their perspectives on becoming authentic leaders while learning the importance of serving others. By engaging with individuals from around the world, students will broaden their perspectives and emerge as agents of change. More details about the Leadership Development Series and this semester's sessions can be found on Campus Link.
Upcoming LDS workshops for Spring 2024:
January 24th 11:30-12:30
February 21st 11:30-12:30
March 27th 11:30-12:30
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