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President's Leadership Council

The PLC is a competitive scholarship and leadership program for outstanding freshmen that teaches the importance of leadership and serving throughout life. A select group of students are chosen each year to be a part of the PLC class.
The PLC Scholarship includes:
  1. A family of 125 incoming freshmen leaders
  2. $1,500 cash award for your first year. ($750 per semester)
  3. A three-day PLC Summer Retreat
  4. A first year Leadership Course credit 
  5. A second year opportunity to Study Abroad
  6. Various community service opportunities
  7. PLC Alumni support and small group mentoring
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Get involved

PLC facilitator applciations close March 7th

PLC Undergraduate Coordinator application opening this Spring

PLC Retreat

PLC students are encouraged to check their OSU emails throughout the summer for more information about the retreat. If you have additional questions or do not receive information about the retreat, please contact us.
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